Introducing QUANTAAR's first season: Party Time!

As we gear up for the highly anticipated launch of our VR Party Brawler on June 7, we are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for players to compete and win exclusive rewards with this FREE Battle Pass for all in our first season!

Party Time! brings a festive atmosphere to QUANTAAR, where players will have the chance to unlock and showcase season-exclusive Hero skins for Quasar and Flèche like never before. These skins are unique to the season and cannot be obtained from our in-game shops or anywhere else.


Event Duration: June 7, 2023 22:00 – August 7, 2023 21:59 (UTC+8)


  1. During the Season, Observers can earn Ranking Points by winning battles from Brawl, 2V2 and Soccer Mode. (The more you win, the more Ranking Scores you have)
  2. Ranking Scores not only determines your rank, they also let you unlock in-game rewards and season-exclusive skins. These skins are unique to this Season and cannot be obtained from our in-game shops or anywhere else. You can refer to the Seasonal reward list as below.
Rankings Rewards
Bronze 2 1,000 Star Coins
Bronze 1 Observer Skin - Hands
Rave Banger
Silver 3 Observer Skin - Accesccories
Cyberpunk Mask
Silver 2 2,000 Star Coins
Silver 1 Observer Skin - Eyes & Ears
Brain Melter
Gold 3 2,000 Star Coins
Gold 2 Observer Skin - Head
Rave Helmet
Gold 1 2,000 Star Coins
Platinum 3 Observer Skin Chest
Golden Disco Ball
Platinum 2 3,000 Star Coins
Platinum 1 3,000 Star Coins
Diamond 3 4,000 Star Coins
Diamond 2 4,000 Star Coins
Diamond 1 4,000 Star Coins
Legendary 5,000 Star Coins

Take a first look at the complete look of the Season-Exclusive Observer Style!


  1. For our First Season: Party Time! Battle Passes will be gifted for free to all players.
  2. Battle Pass rewards can be unlocked by completing the Seasonal Daily Tasks. Or you can unlock the Battle Pass rewards by purchasing Galaxy Gems for the sufficient amounts of tickets to unlock them.
  3. You can refer the Battle Pass rewards list as below.
  4. Once you've surpass a total of 2,000 Tickets, you will be rewarded 500 Star Coins for collecting 200 tickets more. Accumulation of tickets are unlimited and 500 Star Coins are rewarded an unlimited amount of times.

Tickets Battle Pass Rewards
200 1,000 Star Coins
400 Core Chest
600 1,000 Star Coins
800 Observer Style Chest (Normal)
1,000 500 Star Coins
1,200 Observer Style Chest (Rare)
1,400 500 Star Coins
1,600 Flèche - Cyberpunk Neon
1,800 Hero Style Chest
2,000 Quasar - Disc Jockey
2,200 500 Star Coins
2,400 500 Star Coins
2,600 500 Star Coins

Seasonal Exclusive Skins for Hero Flèche and Quasar.

Get ready to jump into the action. The debut season, Party Time! , promises unforgettable moments, intense competition, and a chance to become a true QUANTAAR legend.

Prepare to dazzle your opponents, leave a lasting impression, and emerge victorious! Get ready to call your buddies, DOWNLOAD the game for FREE and party like you have never before!

QUANTAAR is available on

SteamVR, Meta Quest 2, and PICO 4!