NEW PATCH RELEASE: v01.015.05855.01


  • Added Time-Limited available Heroes Feature
  • Newly Refreshed August Log-In rewards.
  • New discounts and promotions in the in-game store.
  • Added Smooth Turn option, accessible in the Settings.
  • Added Observer showcase stand for display in personal and social lobbies.
  • Added more Observer hand gestures.


  • Fixed the bug where some Hero Ultimates have no effect on the Soccer Field.
  • Resolved a bug causing lingering offset effects for Hero Hunt.


  • Expanded player UID from 5 digits to 6 digits.
  • Added speech indicator UI above players' heads when they speak.
  • Added notification UI for new in-game mail and friend invitations.
  • Adjusted the jumping mechanism for all Heroes.
  • Adjusted Agent Pug's combo A where it doesn’t hit smaller-sized Hero.

Note: v.01.105 update available for Meta Quest and Steam