June 28, 2023



Modified Flèche's dash skill

  • From complete Invisibility to Stealth. You will be able to have a slight visual on the outline of Flèche instead of complete invisibility. 


Modified the range and duration of Analog’s Super Move:

  • Super Move’s Range reduced from 1200 -> 800
  • Skill effectiveness duration reduced 3s -> 1.2s


Modified the duration of Quasar’s Ultimate

  • Skill duration reduced from 18s -> 15s
  • Skill per hit damage reduced from 500 -> 100

UI Optimizations

Modified the text message for purchasing Tickets in the Season Board

Gameplay Updates & Bug Fixes

  1. Modified the AI behavior in practice mode so that the AI no longer performs jump attacks when jumping setting is disabled.
  2. Fixed the bug that caused the social room to appear when it's empty.
  3. Resolved the bug where the player's seasonal rank was displayed incorrectly.
  4. Fixed the bug that occasionally fail to matchmake when players are in the Social Halls.
  5. Addressed the bug where Plasma and Elemont's skin were displayed incorrectly.
  6. Corrected the inconsistency in text capitalization on the UI.
  7. Fixed the bug where Seasonal missions appeared "blank".
  8. Resolved the issue where the camera got stuck inside the Observer at the start of a battle.
  9. Optimized the lighting in the arenas to improve visual experience.
  10. Enhanced the matchmaking system to reduce the chances of matching errors.
  11. Fixed the issue of duplicated UID for different players.

New Added FeatureS

New features: Hero View settings added - Players can now select if they want to automatically switch to Observer mode when opening the menu during a battle.

  • When enabled, players will be in the Hero Action View by default when entering a battle. When disabled, players will remain in the Observer View by default when entering a battle.
  • Previously, the views do not automatically switch back. But now, during battles, players will switch to the Observer view automatically when opening the Wrist Menu in battle, regardless of their current Observer or Hero Action perspective.