New Patch V01.016



  • NEW Hero: DIGI 
  • NEW Hero Bundle: Shiny Celebration Early Access Bundle
  • Contents include:

a. NEW Hero: DIGI 

b. DIGI Super Rare Skin: Chief Producer

c. Observer Style - Head: Piñata Hat (Pink)

d. Observer Style - Body: Disco Ball

  • Casual Mode: Introducing a new casual mode with quick matchmaking. In this mode, battle results won't affect your ranking scores. Now have fun without worrying!

  • Invite Friends to Social Lobby: You can now invite your friends to join your social lobby from the friends list directly!

  • Rematch Feature: After a battle in casual mode ends, you can have a rematch with the same player from the score board directly.  

  • Referral Code: Invite friends to join QUANTAAR and get rewards together. You can now do it directly within the game!

Please note that Steam and Applab will have a update of v.01.07, while Pico will be having a v.01.016 update which will not include the Referral Code 2.0 update yet.